S is for Shutters

Crafty Corner

For all those mommies and mommies to be, worried about the perfect baby room, here are some window dressing tips for your baby room.

Crafty Corner
Shutters, as a window dressing solution to your baby room, provide an elegant and stylish alternative to blinds and curtains. They are inexpensive and easily update the look and feel. For the creative mommies, you will be glad to know that you can choose between different slat sizes, colours and different frame designs and combinations to personalize a unique space for your little one. An additional benefit of Shutters is that you can also have control over how much light enters baby’s room. Making daytime naps a breeze.
For the environmentally conscious mommies we have our Lifestyle Shutter Range, which is made from recycled wood and a Polypropylene wrap that coats the shutter which is baby safe too. It is not only easy to clean but scratch and bump proof to withstand older children playing with their toys. For Children with allergies you will have one less thing to worry about hanging around in your curtains……Bye, bye dust mites. This will certainly help with children susceptible to nasal and chest problems.
With the electricity price continually rising in SA you will be happy to know that installing Shutters can actually save you money, how you might ask? Because they are a great way to insulate, they keep the room warm in winter by retaining heat and cool in summer by stopping the harsh sun’s rays penetrating into the room through doors and windows keeping baby at a comfortable temperature.
Shutter Secure also has an all-in-one security shutter solution with their “Secure Shutter Range”. As for most mommies in our awesome country, this shutter is for the security conscious. Made from a durable powder coated aluminium and stainless steel shutter with a patented system your baby will be safe from possible break in’s. Allowing mommy and daddy one less thing to worry about during the night.
So let your creative juices flow and design a room for your little one that is cozy, hygienic and durable, but most importantly safe.

For further shutter inspiration for your baby room have a look at our Pinterest board.