Creating an Outside Living Area

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Transform a dull outside area into a cosy outside living area.

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Greg Caie, from Shutter Secure talks about the new trend in home decor.

What are the essentials when creating an outside living area?
To start with, your outside area will need a roof structure and upright pillars, whether it be concrete columns or bricks. Shutter Secure will then use the top beams to hang the Shutter Blinds from. This small change will immediately transform an ordinary stoep into a room with much more potential. Bring in some plants, a rug and a comfy couch and you will never remember the old dull space. In fact, your new outside living area might just become your new favourite spot in your house.
Is it expensive to create a space like that?
When comparing Shutters with some other products on the market, often they are not the cheapest, but by far the most practical/versatile. Whether you choose our Solid Timber Range Shutter Blinds or our Aluminium Shutter range, they both operate identically and will sufficiently cover the outdoor living area.
Canvas drop down awnings, often balloon and flap around in strong winds, known as the parachute effect and is clearly not the best solution for creating a calm extension to your home. Frameless glass however gives you a more rigid covering but if north facing on sunny days can turn a patio into a hot house. And on most occasions will need some form of sun treatment to keep the area cool.
So, save yourself some money and choose Shutter Blinds first. They close up completely in winter time, giving you your braai area back on rainy days. And provide some cool shade on those hot summer days.
Another benefit, well worth mentioning, is the security factor. Just lock up and go and keep your patio furniture protected from the weather and theft.
What type of Shutters would be best suited to create an outside space?
Timber or Aluminium Shutter Blinds can be used depending on the desired effect. It really depends on the design and look you would like to create. Both options can be locked.
What is the longevity of such a project? Do you offer guarantees?
Shutter Secure offers many different types of Timber Shutters ranging from Meranti, Kiaat, Ashwood, Rosewood, African Walnut, to Iroko therefore longevity all depends on the type of timber chosen. If maintained, your Shutters can last up to and over 20 years. As for our Aluminium Shutters, which have stainless steel components, they can last 15-20 years with a lot less maintenance than the Timber Shutters and well over 30 years if looked after regularly!

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