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How can a Secure Shutter help you sleep?

Cotton Plantation Shutters
Sleep at Ease Tonight

Security Shutter Guard Shutters have become a household name in our home’s in South Africa. Although often referred to as “American Shutters” or “Plantation Shutters”

During the last 20 years, I have noted the move from decorative timber shutters to a strong Secure Aluminium and Stainless Steel Shutter.

Almost on a weekly basis, that although people are trying to be more aware of strangers in their neighborhood. This has not stopped the intruders sneaking around in their home at night.

People are still waking up to intruders in their bedrooms! Telling them,” be quiet, we won’t be long.”

Not only is this terrifying but unnecessary at the same time! We have electric fencing. And we have perimeter beams linked to our alarms. Then the Alarms, that don’t go off when they are supposed too!!

But because all of the these products require some form of electricity and often malfunction on a daily basis.

This results in neighbors ignoring these alarms.

To that point, there is still nothing like a physical barrier protecting you at the most vulnerable time of the day, when you are asleep.

A secure shutter barrier between you and a thief, rapist or murderer. Will create a safe haven in your home.

Our shutters do not come from the Cotton Plantation Fields in the deep south, but are manufactured locally.