Security Roller Shutters

Aluminium roller shutters provide a number of excellent features for every season:

  • Security and privacy: Screening from view
  • Increased protection against break-in (Security)
  • Sun protection (Heat, UV radiation, Fabric damage)
  • Weather protection (Rain, Wind, Dust)
  • Noise reduction (Traffic, Neighbours, Animals, etc.)
  • Thermal insulation (Heat, Cold)
  • Light regulation (Black-out, Audio-Visual, Home Theatre)
  • Heat protection from outside to inside (Cool in summer)
  • Heat insulation from inside to outside (Warm in Winter)

Widely used in Europe aluminum roller shutters have become increasingly popular in South Africa, not only for their excellent security. They are also appreciated for their carefree maintenance and durability.


  • Windows (light & UV block-out, heat control, privacy, security)
  • Doors (security, access control)
  • Garages and Basements
  • Serving hatches (kitchens, stores, kiosks, cashiers, reception)
  • Passageways

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