Shutterguard Security Shutters

Shutterguard Shutters have 6 patents on them, making them the strongest shutters on the market with a 10 Year Warranty.

There are 5 Standard Colours: Matte White, Matte Bronze, Anthracite Grey, Matte Light Grey and Matte Stone Grey

A  T- piece type louver connector at the back of the shutter ensure’s better light control and privacy.

The Stainless-Steel bottom bolt is fixed through the bottom track and into the wall with a 60 mm extension to ensure that even a crow bar cannot lift the shutters out of the tracks!

You don’t need the key to lock your shutters, only to open them, so if you need to close the shutter in a hurry you don’t need to first find the key to lock it.

There is a discreet louver lock to lock your louver’s in a closed position for added privacy.

These shutters can be fitted with a double lock system whereby you can access and open and close your shutters from the outside too. 

L plate between panels which prevents light and wind from passing through the 3 mm gaps between your panels, perfect for patio Shutterguard shutters.

Panels can be made up to 950 mm wide because of the unique patented system.

Recognized by all major Insurance Companies as burglar proofing.