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Shutter Trends in South Africa

Q & A with ShutterSecure

Shutter Trends Shutter Trends in South Africa


Greg Caie answers some questions about the rise of the shutter craze in South Africa

Q | What are the latest trends for dressing windows?

A| The public are loving their Security Shutters. In fact, they have been for the past 20 years, but it seems to be growing even more now with the increasing concern around Security in South Africa, combining security with a window dressing is just what the market has been waiting for! Admittedly, shutters are not the cheapest solution on the market, but if you take into consideration that security shutters are really a multi-functional solution; they combine 3 products in one, which when explained to the buyer, makes it really worth it. When comparing a security barrier, heating/cooling and a window covering to the price of our Security Shutter (the all in one) it is a very close comparison.

Q | Tell us about the link between security and shutters?

A | The link between a shutter and security is mainly in the design and rigidity of the product itself. If you look at curtains or blinds they are not strong enough to perform the task of keeping an intruder out. They are made from far weaker materials and often cannot house a locking mechanism. Our Aluminium Security Shutters are made from durable materials like Aluminium and Stainless Steel to increase the longevity of the product. The real strength of the shutters come’s from the 6 patents that make this shutter in a class all of its own.

Q | Greg, when did you start working in this industry?

A | I Started working in the industry some 18 years ago when there was only 3 shutter companies in the market. Shutters were always considered a luxury product and only a few could afford them. I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the true masterminds behind the product and on occasions helped in the decision making of some very important changes that have made shutters today more than just a window treatment. My travels have taken me to some very well know South African people, Francois Pienaar, Kobus Wiese, Ernie Els to name but a few.

Q | Give your top 5 tips when choosing the correct window dressing?
A |

  1. Don’t put blinds on doors – They will shorten the height of the door.
  2. Don’t use curtains near the sea – They hold in moisture and make the room damp and this often results in mildew at the bottom of the curtains.
  3. Think insulation- If you have a large opening like a door, it will be hotter in summer and colder in winter. What product will help insulate the room best? Often the only solution is a shutter. 
  4. Choose a product that is going to compliment your view. There is no point in having a beautiful view, only to look through 25 mm blinds.
  5. Think long term – Rather wait! Buy a product you will be happy with for years to come than to settle for a cheap solution. first time!